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Custom Songs
  • Custom Songs
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I will write you a song in the genre of your choice (Must provide at least 3 references).I offer Folk, R&B, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, Blues, and Hip Hop. Inquire if there is something you are interested in outside of these genres. I will provide you with the WAV file and you will have exclusive rights to the song. I will receive 50% of the Royalties for the song.

Songwriting with me is fun and it'll be unlike anything you've before because I ACTUALLY play live instruments.

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Collaborate with me
  • Collaborate with me
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Collaborate on a Beat/Song with me. The finished product will be posted on my website, beatstars, and Soundcloud and will be broken down on my Youtube Channel.

will be split 50/50.

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Monthly Online Lessons (Four Lessons)
  • Monthly Online Lessons (Four Lessons)
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I'll come to your home and meet with you four times monthly to give you a specialized guitar lesson. I go over concepts such as improvisation, fretboard theory, classical technique, songwriting, technique and much more. In addition, you'll also get access to my video lessons on my exclusive Kaoz Conservatory pages. They cover practice tips, performance anxiety, and a variety of other topics.

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E-Mail Marketing for Posers
  • E-Mail Marketing for Posers
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Have you been having a hard time building your email list?

Been wondering why no one opens your stupid emails?

Or are you just a newb and know nothing at all about email marketing?

Well, my poor friend, you are in luck, for I have the solution to your email problems.

Welcome to the "Email Marketing for Posers," guide featuring over 40 pages of useful information to get your emails to stop sucking and your list to start growing.

Sell more of the things you got to sell but building your email list and marketing DIRECTLY to your followers.

Email lists are like gold and cultivating them within your audience is absolutely PARAMOUNT to success with your online business.

Social Media sucks. Get folks off of that crap and get directly into their inbox with your products/services.

Quit being a Poser and download your copy today.

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Alternative Kaoz Stickers
  • Alternative Kaoz Stickers
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Add more KAOZ to your life by getting you a 2-pack of Alt-Kaoz stickers.

Adding these magical imbued stickers to your surfaces, instruments, or enemies, and enjoy an extra amount of existential dread.

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Additional Services

  • Live Music Performance (Solo Guitar, Guitar Vox, and w/ band)

  • Music Producer

  • Brand Ambassador & Social Media Management

  • Event Host & Curator

  • Panels, Workshops, & Speaking Engagements 

  • Brand/Creative Consultant


Virtual Workshops by Kelvin Kaoz 

Unlocking Your Inner Rock Star

An informative class on building your persona as a live performer

Writing Instrumental Music for Solo Guitar 

A class that helps you write solo pieces for guitar using your own unique voice on the instrument. 


More classes coming soon

House Concert

How Can I host a concert?

 A house concert is exactly what it sounds like: a get-together of friends in your living room, deck, or garden, with live music, and often food, drinks, and conversation. I prefer these type of events over public concerts because they are intimate and allow me a chance to really get to know the audience while exposing my music to new listeners -  Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions people have sent me:



1. I Don't Have A Big House. Can I Still Host A Concert?

Yes! The cozier the better. You don't need a gigantic living room, the living room of an apartment is fine if people can find parking!


2. How Many People Are You Expecting? I Don't Think I Can Get 50 People To Come To My House.

The average house concert has 30-60 concert-goers. The beauty of a house concert is that it is purposely more intimate and focuses on quality over quantity.  Traditional venues rely solely on numbers, making public shows more about quantity than quality. This allows for a deeper connection to the musician and he listener. 


3. Does It Cost Money To Host A House Concert?

Yes and no. There is no outright cost to host a concert, but as a traveling artists I request that hosts ask their guests to come expecting to give a suggested donation. Many house concert hosts have a basket by the door with a sign. They often "interrupt" the performance near the end of the evening, and intentionally invite guests to contribute into a hat that is then passed around the room. A typical house concert has a required donation of $15-20 per person. I do have a minimum total amount I would like to leave with which will be discussed prior to the show. 

4. Can I Book Your Band Or Duo For My House Concert.

I play house concerts solo because i want the vibe to be different - more intimate, acoustic. House concerts are a stripped down way for me to connect with my audience - something i can't do as well on a 5-ft high stage with loud amplifiers. For that reason, I do house concerts solo with my guitar and a very minimal (or no) sound system.

5. How Do I Plan This Concert?

The beauty in house concerts is that they are low stress.  Once we agree on a date, we can talk about a start time. Then you can setup a Facebook invite and/or shoot out emails to your network of friends to let them know about it. Encourage them to bring a dish. It's a very low maintenance atmosphere. It's just like hanging out with your friends but I'm also playing sweet tunes. 

6. But I Really Don't Want Strangers In My House.

This is usually a homeowner's primary concern. They're interested in hosting something but don't want it to be listed as a public event. No problem.  Simply keep the Facebook invite private or limit the Evite to your network. Usually I'll stick a generic "Private House Concert" listing on my calendar page for your specific date. Oftentimes a fan will ask if they can attend the show. I will ask you first if it is ok to pass your address on to this interested person. If you'd rather keep it a closed event, then no problem. It's your house :)

7. What Exactly Is The Order Of Events For The Evening?

The order is pretty laid back. It's usually great to give folks 1 hour to arrive, get comfortable, and chat it up before getting into music. Music can go for as little as 1 hour or as long as 2. Sometimes, depending on how long the music is planned to go, there is a break in the middle to allow people to stretch their legs, get more food, and talk. 

8. What Are Your Personal Expectations?

I enjoy the storytelling aspect of live music. I think the most enjoyable and memorable house concerts occur when a house becomes a listening room. As a performer who has played in nearly every type of setting, my least enjoyable experiences involve playing in a noisy room where there is no connection to the audience and the music plays a backseat role. I usually call this ''wallpaper'' music. There is nothing wrong with music that exists merely to set a mood for an event, but if that is what you're looking for, I will not be a good fit for your event.

9. Do You Need A Place To Crash?

A spare room for a night certainly cuts down on expenses and is one less logistical piece of the puzzle to figure out while on tour. I typically do not bring this up with house concert hosts b/c I know everyone has different comfort levels with house guests. In any case, if you are comfortable with hosting an overnight guest (raises hand), please let me know! I will most likely be very grateful!

10. Ok, I Think I Can Do This!! What's Next?

Fantastic! Send an email to Ask me whatever additional questions you have or let me know if you are looking to book a specific date.


Hello and welcome to Fresh Crisp Wedding Music, a service founded by none other than Kelvin McKay-Hilli, a musician in North Hollywood, California, and one who is passionate about presenting beautiful music to couples on their wedding day.

The mission of Fresh Crisp Wedding Music is to enhance the romantic and magical moments of a wedding through the power of music.  I specialize in classical, Brazilian guitar,  and wedding music, and am happy to provide my instrumental instrumental guitar music and/or baritone vocals to your wedding event.   Please check out a few of my music samples here.

More about me is that my public performance career spans more than fifteen years and my primary wedding instrument is guitar with my secondary instrument being vocals.  My musical studies were done at Loyola Marymount University under Dr. Martha Masters, president of the Guitar Foundation of America. 

It has been my delightful privilege to serve at weddings at venues ranging from resorts, to churches, and parks.  


Services Offered 

Fresh Crisp Wedding Music offers music for all wedding events including ceremonies, cocktail hours, receptions, and after hours 

Drawing from a catalog of well over 500 songs, I can offer a wide range of music to suit your event, especially classical guitar music traditionally suited for weddings; sacred music and hymns; lyrical, flowing contemporary music; pop, jazz and much more.  For example, at weddings, I have played music ranging from the Beatles to Bach and Adele.  In addition, l can provide vocal in languages beside English (such as French, Spanish, and German) to suit your needs and preferences. 

 I gladly supply my own portable, professional guitar and amplifier to your site. Fresh Crisp Wedding Music aims to please by partnering up with you to create a beautiful live music for your big day.

Choose from a variety of options:  

  • instrumental guitar music 
  • guitar and vocal music


Areas Covered 

I am available to perform at wedding events in Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara and surrounding areas 

For Booking Inquiries

What is your musical vision for your wedding event?  I would love to hear from you!  Please contact me using the contact form on my website.  Or, be welcome to call or text me directly at 818-472-6183.  I can also be e-mailed by clicking here.  Find me on




Instrumental ceremony music:  For a ceremony lasting up to 1 hour (including preludes, processional music, ceremonial moments, closing music and postlude) : $395.   

Ceremony with instrumental music and vocals:  For a ceremony lasting up to 1 hour (including preludes, processional music, ceremonial moments, closing music and postlude): $450.

Travel fee:  Fees listed above include travel time of up to 1/2 hour to your event.  Additional travel time is $35 per hour.    

Short Notice Fee:  Please take note that higher rates may apply for weddings and special requests on short notice (less than 4 weeks). 




Instrumental guitar music:  $350 for the hour.  Fee prorated after an hour.

Ceremony/Cocktail Combo Special Discount: $149 each additional hour. 

Travel fee:  Fees listed above include travel time of up to 1/2 hour to your event.  Additional travel time is $30 per hour.     

Short Notice Fee:  Please take note that higher rates may apply for weddings and special requests on short notice (less than 4 weeks).