Kinky Kaoz

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The Cave of Kaoz

For Black History Month

Kelvin Kaoz & Xia Gemini

Are joining forces to bring you a Virtual Weekend event for the Black Alternative community (that includes, goths, punks, skaters, nerds, gamers, cosplayers, emos, and anything else that’s strange or unusual)

Mark your Calendars for February 27th & 28th

Day 1 will be Kaoz Fest featuring some of the most BAD ASS music you’ve never heard before.

Day 2: Kinky Kaoz, will feature dance classes, panels, a paint & sip, a ropes class, and a SPECIAL performance by the GREATEST POLE DANCER OF ALL TIME @sweetmscandace

There will be giveaways and opportunities to win things.

Sign up to the mailing list so you can buy your tickets IMMEDIATELY.

They are $15 for one day and $20 for BOTH. You might as well sign up for both tho cuz it’s FINNA BE LIT.

So far we have

@xiagemini @kelvinkaoz @sweetmscandace @guitargabby @tikkivibez @xiagemshow @witchbitchsiren @naughtydreams_

Confirmed for the show

If you are INTERESTED in performing, send me a clip of your music or a video of a talent that you think would be great for the show.

I’m excited to announce this show and I look forward to SPOOKING IT UP WITH YOU POSERS SOON