Kelvin Kaoz

The Cave of Kaoz , Los Angeles

Alt Kaoz is a platform for weird folks of the Global Majority.

Alternative music/lifestyle is already pretty underground and not accepted by the mainstream public but being a Person of Color can be doubly challenging to get your artistic vision seen and heard.

We created a platform that focuses on these type of artists music, film, art, and small businesses by featuring them on my podcast that has over 50 episodes and 1,000 plays.

I’ve reached out to some of the folks that have been guests and asked them to put on a concert with me that will be coming to you from Facebook Live on 6/6.

I’ve even made a playlist that has all of the artists on it.

The concert has a suggested donation price of $10 (but it will be open to all)

We recommend that you CashApp or Venmo your favorite artist directly so that UNLIKE the actual gigging scene, artists can get paid for the folks they bring.

So far this is the lineup

Lesibu Grand Kenneth Holley Zhariah Élishia Sharie Vixen Noir Yung Chris Glenn Chala Shirae Funches Kelvin Kaoz

And Roxy Vail will be the host.

I’m still looking for acts that aren’t music. Like belly dancer or something folks don’t usually see would be awesome.