Kelvin Kaoz

The Kaoz Kave

Welcome to my weekly series of me sharing some of my favorite tunes with you.

By request here is the set list.

  1. 3 Estudio - Carcassi
  2. 3 Estudio Sencillos - Brouwer
  3. Estudio 1 - Villalobos
  4. Prelude 1 - Villalobos
  5. Choros No. 1 - Villalobos
  6. Valse en Skai - Dyens
  7. Valse De Loges
  8. Tristmusette
  9. El Choclo
  10. Gnosienne No. 1- Satie
  11. Sunday Morning Overcast
  12. Serenata Español
  13. Vals 3

This isn’t the set order but this is mostly what I’ve been playing lately.

I’m always adding new pieces so come check out the concert to hear new repertoire.

Take your mind of this pandemic and come chill with you while I play some relaxing tunes.

Suggested Donation is $20 or if you’d like to tip me $KelvinKaoz on CashApp.

Thanks to everyone that shared the concert last week. Looking forward to seeing new faces this week.